Thursday, 4 June 2015

Tunisia's largest phosphate companies recently announced closing as labor dispute

May 22, 2015-America-As the continuous long-term unresolved labor disputes, one of the Tunisia's largest phosphate companies recently announced closing. More than 350 management personnel expect for the gate guard had to leave their jobs and work stoppage on standby to effectively solve the labor dispute.

As the report from the famous Trisodium Phosphate supplier, this Tunisia's largest phosphate production base has stopped all production, operations and financial activities.

The Chief General Manager of this company said that the labor disputes can not be resolved during the recent several year and both sides do not compromise for this problem. This could be regarded as the main reason for current predicament. The decision for halting the production is very helpless. The official side of this company hopes to attract government attention to find ways to solve the problem.

The production of phosphate could be regarded as the important pillar of chemical industry of Tunisia. This company's shutdown will do seriously negatively impact to the economy recovering and investment climate plan improving plan of Tunisia government.

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