Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Sophisticated GPS tracking devices help car rental service company do good work

March 12, 2015-America-Managing a car rental service company has become less stressful thanks to sophisticated Car GPS Tracking Devices like ICONCOX tracking devices that can track cars and other vehicles. These can be fitted to the car/vehicle and remotely monitored and even controlled.

They can also be used to remotely stop the engine. "You can set up an alarm system to warn you when the driver performs or does not perform an action. The trackers are also fitted with an SOS that helps during an emergency. And if the vehicle is headed for a disaster, the tracker enables users to remotely stop the engine," says a spokesperson for the company.

Such devices are of great help to owners and managers of car rental companies and those who manage large fleets. Schools can install these on their school vans for better control of their vehicles and keep tab on the driver. They're very helpful for other similar service oriented transport companies. "Rather than sitting helplessly, it gives owners a better control over their fleet," adds the spokesperson.

Among other products offered by the company include GPS watch trackers for senior citizens and kids, GPS Cell Phone Tracker to monitor children, hidden GPS vehicle tracking devices, etc. Each of these can be purchased in bulk as well.

"We offer to sell our products in bulk as well and are capable of providing not less than 30,000 pieces; and that too at a notice of just 1-2 weeks. Interested suppliers and distributors can contact us via email for further details," he adds.

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