Wednesday, 25 March 2015

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March 12, 2015-America-GPS Vehicle Tracker with real-time tracking and SMS and remote control, shock sensor, siren car alarm, and all the latest advanced car security technologies in a single package. This High-Tech GPS Tracker is a real-time GK301, Siren and Shock Sensor. This is our last GPS Tracker and comes with plenty of advanced features. It's an easy control by SMS giving you a full range of alarm functions including motor fuel cut makes this the ultimate gadget GRP security for your car, van, truck, Car Tracking GPS Device or even your vehicle fleet.

In addition, this car GPS tracking device immediately cut the engine of your vehicle while in motion if necessary. Just send a text message directly to this GPS tracker and disarm the power of gas and battery, which means that the engine and the vehicle will be immediately stopped until the police or help arrives. Another great additional feature alerts are sent to you by SMS, for example, when your car is moving from a stationary position or when your vehicle is moving faster than the preset speed.

Basically, you will know where your car is, where it is likely, how fast it goes and more, which means you will have knowledge and a total control of your vehicle when you are not in it. When severe impacts, disorders or minor disturbances are detected, shock sensor chip uses an alert that triggers the alarm. If someone unauthorized opened a vehicle door, your siren will sound and scare any unwanted entry of your vehicle. Also cut your car alarm wire does not prevent your wailing siren.

An additional level of security comes with this GPS Cell Phone Tracker; via its remote locking / unlocking. Power lock doors can be controlled from several meters and no one can enter your vehicle without your wireless transmitter. With this GPS Vehicle Tracker with monitoring and remote control in real time if you will The flight inside the vehicle becomes a real problem. Many thieves know that very few vehicles are equipped with an audible alarm.

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  1. Nice blog about GPS vehicle tracker. Good security against car-napper.

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