Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Introducing you the main failures for the pressure sensor

May 18, 2015-America-The main failures of the pressure sensor could be mainly concluded into the following tips.

The first situation is that the pressure value is up but the transmitter output is not up. In this case, each operator should first check the pressure port for leaks or blocked. If this situation was negative, people should carefully check the wiring and the power supply. If all of those parts are in good operation, people could give some pressure on the sensor and see whether the pressure change occur. If there is no change, the anti static bar has been damaged. It may be damaged to the instrument or other aspects of the whole system.

The second is that the pressure transmitter output does not change at first press and the second press will cause into the sudden change in pressure transmitter and the transmitter zero relief can not go back. This problem is commonly caused by the damage of the pressure sensor gasket. The best way to rule out such this kind of failure is to remove the weight transmitter directly and then observe whether the zero level is normal. If it is normal, people could try to replace the seals.

The third problem is that the transmitter output signal is instability. This failure may be the problem of pressure source. The main reasons for this problem could be concluded into the pressure source itself is an unstable pressure, the meter or pressure sensor has poor anti-jamming capability, the sensor itself has very powerful vibration and sensor fault.

The fourth problem is that the gauge pointer has large deviations. This is very normal problem and people could easily solve by reset the pointer.

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