Wednesday, 27 May 2015

The LED grow lights will become the mainstream of the organic plants industry

May 19, 2015-America-The traditional artificial light system will generates too much heat during the growing process for those organic plants. If people could adopt the plant lights and the related supplemental hydroponic systems, the air can be recycled and then the excessive heat and moisture can be removed. On the other hand, as the high performance of the LED light the electrical energy can be efficiently converted into photosynthetically active radiation and then ultimately into plant matter. Studies have shown that the using of LED grow lighting could help to enhance the growth rate of lettuce and photosynthetic for more than 20%. So, the application of the LED grow lights is very feasible.

The study found that compared with fluorescent lamps the mixed wavelength LED light source can significantly promote the growth of spinach, carrots and lettuce and improve morphological indicators. This should be very good news for those organic famers.

Compared with metal halide lamp, the pepper, basil and other plants which are growing in line with the plant lights has more and significant anatomic changes. On the other hand, with the optical density increasing, the plant photosynthetic rate will also be greatly increased.

The Specific wavelength from the LED lights may affect the flowering time of plants and the quality and duration of flower. Certain wavelengths of LED can raise the number of flower buds and flowering plants and can reduce flowering response. This shows that the regulation can effectively regulate the flowering and the subsequent growth of plants.

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