Saturday, 18 July 2015

Choosing your favorite promotional cloth by main classification about this product

Based on the different material and application areas, the promotional tablecloth from famous online platform could be divided into many sorts. Today the editor from this platform will tell people the main classification about this product which not only have such as promotional function but also have the practical ability.

The first classification for the promotional cloths depends on the production process.


This classification include the PVC custom tablecloth, EVA table cloth, PEVA table cloth, hot flower tablecloths, cotton tablecloths substrate PVC, PP polyethylene cloth tablecloths and tablecloths cast film


This sort of tablecloths include the cotton bamboo printing promotional tablecloths, cotton knit lace tablecloths, net deduction mercerized cotton cloth, polyester warp tablecloths, cotton silk jacquard tablecloth, polyester tablecloth, plain weave cotton embroidered tablecloths, knitting lace linen tablecloths, flowers darn flat polyester linen tablecloths, VS tablecloths and silk tablecloths.

The second classification depends on the application areas

For example, the circular and square tablecloth usually applies into the side table. The bedroom nightstand usually uses the lace tablecloth. However, this should be determined by people¡¯s demand and the actually using environment.

Last, according to the application, the promotional tablecloth could be mainly divided into the practical one and decorative one.

The practical table cloth usually focus on its real functions and the generally materials for this kind of table cloth is plastic. However, the color for this kind of practical table cloth is very simple. For this decorative table cloth, people should not have such concern about its pattern and colors as the main function of the decorative cloths should be its different sorts of patterns and colors which will better play great promotional effect.

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