Wednesday, 8 July 2015


BOJAN GROZDANOVIC was born to make art. Born in Niš, Serbia, 1973 - Bojan has been painting professionally because 1993. His works for sale include things like hyperrealism paintings, drawings and paintings. He prides himself on not only making an illusion. He evokes feelings to have folks consider and ask inquiries. Bojan think art is closely related to every aspect of social life. His paintings, as an example, they speak about animal rights and additionally they have an anthropomorphic meaning.

When you take a look at Bojan paintings, you’ll see how realistic each and every on of them are. Every single painting appears as if it was a photograph taken of a genuine life scene. His drawings are elaborate and impressive, creating any person take a double look. Bojan Grozdanovic is a talented artist that has a present for producing realistic performs art.

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