Saturday, 18 July 2015

Cussic Watch release their newly developed men wooden watch is the specialized manufacturer for the unique personalized watches especially for the men wooden watch. As we all know, most of those ordinary watches in the market have the pursuit of convenience but some sorts of wooden watches of this manufacturer always make the user to look at the time become extremely complex.

Beside their main wooden watches, they also have other sort of creative watches such as gravity sensing LCD watches, polygons pointers LED watches and others. However, the wooden watches is the most crucial product for them. By viewing the appearance of their wooden watches, people could easily find that the outside shell of this watch is the wooden materials. On the other hand, it can be charged via USB jacks. Beside the watch surface, the strap of this watch is also made by the wooden materials. The table surface of this watch is composed of a plurality of triangles and there are a total of six kinds of LED optional color display. The upper half of the screen will show with people the hour and the lower half will show with people the minutes. So, there is the certain degree of difficulty to read.

By the introduction from the famous wood watches online seller, the watch can show the time by 12-hour or 24-hour display mode and it could also be switched into the horizontal or vertical display version display. On the other hand, the functions of this men wooden watch could be compared with the smart watches. If people have such interesting about this watch, please do not hesitate to visit website

About Cussic watch

Wood watches by cussic are handcrafted from natural wood and best movement to make wooden watches be the style, unique timepiece


Company: Cussic watch

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