Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Several good ideas help you know how to better protect your vapor cigarette

The good maintenance work to the e cigarette wholesale could ensure the overall quality this product. Here, some consumer should have the same consumers about how to better maintain their electric cigarette. Now, the famous electronic cigarette manufacturer will introduce with people how to better maintain their vapor cigarette.

How to place your electronic cigarette?

Electronic cigarette should be placed with the position that the atomiser should be placed upward which could help to prevent cigarette atomizer oil exposing.

How to maintain the lithium-ion battery?

The maintaining for the lithium-ion battery is more important than other part as the best electronic cigarette battery is a major component of this product. When the energy of the lithium ion batteries has been sued up, people should charge it with full energy without half-way off. If people do not use their e cigarette for long period of time, they should firstly shut the power off.

How to maintain the nebulizer?

Nebulizer is the core of this product and it is composed of the resistance wick and some accessories. The most commonly problem for this part should be the burning flavor. The reason is that the resistance burns the wick. So in the course, people should pay attention to the remaining amount of smoke oil and please do not let the oil become drying.

In addition to above three problems, there are also many other situation which some consumer do not have the ability to deal with. If you have such puzzle, please do not hesitate to visit website and then contact with us.

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