Saturday, 29 August 2015

British universal health care system will promote the e cigarette to those smokers

In order to help smokers quit smoking habit, the British universal health care system (NHS) will provide the electronic cigarette from to smokers.

It reported that the new scientific report show with people that the damage from the freemax Starre pro is 95% less than the traditional cigarette. Therefore, the British NHS thinks that they will offer e cigarette to the smoker in the new future.

Experts involved in writing the report said that electronic cigarette could play a key role in helping smokers quit cigarettes. Some health activists also show largely welcoming attitude to this news.

Now, as we could see, the best electronic cigarette have become more and more popular. Only in the UK, there are almost 260 million people use electronic cigarettes. However, before this report, there are some public health experts who have such disagreement opinion to the security issue of electronic cigarettes.

Now, many people have same thought that electronic cigarettes at least have less harmful than conventional cigarettes. In other words, this could be regarded as another option for smokers. On the contrary, others argue that electronic cigarettes also make a channel to get the smoking addiction.

¡¡¡¡ British Public Health Department asked a group of experts to evaluate the electronic cigarettes. The conclusion shows people that the harm of electronic cigarettes is less than the harmful rate of conventional cigarette.

Generally speaking, the traditional cigarettes contain hundreds of harmful chemicals to human health. Although electronic cigarettes also contain different chemical substances, it is much less than the traditional cigarette.

Currently, the United Kingdom has 80,000 people die from smoking-related diseases. In this kind of situation, the government hopes they could promote the e cigarette and then reduce the death rate.

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