Friday, 7 August 2015

Main features of the SMT technology and related SMT machines

The SMT made products that products by the SMT machine usually own features of high packing density, small size and light weight. The size and weight of the SMT chip component only has 1/10 compare with the traditional instrumentation components. Generally speaking, after using SMT, the electronic products size will be decreased by 40% to 60% and the weight will be reduced to 60% to 80%.

Secondly, the SMT components which made by the heat gun has high reliability, high shock resistance and very low defect rate. That is other main reason why those related technicians prefer to choose this one.

The SMT products also have well high-frequency characteristics which could better reduce electromagnetic and radio frequency interference.

On the other hand, the application of SMT technology and SMT machine could also help to easy realize the automation and improve production efficiency. The Cost reduction usually reaches to 30% to 50%. In general, it could help to better achieve the goal of saving materials, energy, equipment, manpower and time.

The composition of the SMT workmanship includes surface mount technology, surface mount equipment, surface mount components and SMT management.

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