Thursday, 6 August 2015

Ukraine carpenter make the world first all wooden watch which only have four metal parts

Today£¬we will not introduce with you the normally ornaments nor handicrafts but the beautiful wood watches. You may feel that this article will be little fantasy as the wood watch could not be achieved. But, the online platform really sells this kind of product. However, we will not introduce the wooden watches of this online seller but the beautiful wooden watch that made by Ukraine carpenter Danet Vecchi.

Danet Vecchi who likes wooden objects from his childhood was born in carpenter family, His family devote to the carpenter career from generations to generation. Danet Vecchi also became a furniture craftsmanwhen he was 18 years old. With the exquisite of craft, Danet Vecchi produced out of a guitar which length is only 3 cm and uses the hair as string. This event became the beginning of his engaging in precision woodworking and it also caught his thought that how could we do to change the wood possibilities?

In 2005, Danet Vecchi began to make his first wooden watch while he did not have any knowledge about watchmaking. After meeting with countless experimenting and failures, he eventually finished his first wood watch in 2008. After this, he continued to producing a total of 14 tables, including watches, pocket watches and necklaces tables wooden watch. Each watch is the hand-made wood watch and each part of the watch has been crafted.

As the introduction of editor from, his wooden watch was consisted of 188 parts and the non-woody parts are only four which are used to drive the hands. Furthermore, all other parts are all from eight kinds of trees, including birch, apple, bamboo, yellow poplar, guaiac wood, mahoganies and nut trees in Africa. He used a different material to give the watch different texture.

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