Saturday, 29 August 2015

Several reasons tell you why the c cigarette could become the popular culture now

While electronic cigarette was originated from China, it has not got good promotion result as the early products immature and other problem. However, this vapor cigarette get good promotion within the other countries around the world and rapid develop into the business with annual output value of billions of dollars. Now, this trend still accelerates the development. A widely accepted conclusion is that the electronic cigarette is much safer than traditional cigarettes products. The first focused point is nicotine. As we all know, the harmful substance in cigarettes is not nicotine but tar. In fact, the electronic cigarette does not contain tar.

It is indeed that smoking traditional cigarettes has obviously harmful effect on human health and many major diseases could be tied with this factor. In that case, the is the best substitute as it could greatly reduce the harm of traditional cigarettes on the body. This is also the main reason why this product could be so popular in foreign countries.

The following factors tell us mains reason how electronic cigarette could become the popular trend around the world:

First, as the traditional cigarette substitute, the electronic cigarette can help smokers to control or even abandon the harmful tobacco.

Secondly, the electronic cigarette has richly taste that could meet the demand for the use of all kinds of smokers.

Thirdly, the green and healthy lifestyle is being sought after by people today.

Fourthly, as a fashion technology products, the electronic cigarette become more and more attractive in the areas of appearance, social functioning, fashion consumption, information exchange, data transceiver and others. Furthermore, this product also becomes a pop culture.

Data show that the annual growth of the vape wholesale is over five times during 2014 to 2015. In 2016, this rate will be higher and higher. In the past five years, as the development of electronic cigarette, the smokers in United States have dropped to a historical new record. This is the good news.

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