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Advantages of the popular zirconia crowns in our dental lab

April 11, 2015-America-As many problems for the traditional PFM crowns, the newly full contour zirconia becomes more and more popular as its high performance. Today, the famous center will tell you the advantages of the zirconia crowns.

Aesthetic effect

Because of its good light permeability, the appearance of the full contour zirconia is close to real teeth and the shade of this product could also be chosen according to each patient's own condition. Because the crown color for zirconia ceramic teeth is white so it will not become darken after a period of time using. This should be the best solution for the difficult problem for PFM crown.


The making process for the dental cad studio gets help from the computer-aided design and laser scanning. After the initially designation, the final teeth will be produced by the computer program to control finely ground which ensures the highest accuracy in the mold and excellent edge airtight so the porcelain teeth will be very fitted with abutments in patient¡¯s month and then greatly reducing the incidence of teeth root inflammation.


Zirconium is one kind of the very good and high-tech biological material with good biocompatibility which is superior to all kinds of metal alloys, including gold. Zirconia does not have stimulation to gums and there is also no allergic reactions to oral. On the other hand, this material also has low thermal conductivity which is only seventeenth of gold so it will be more conducive to the protection of the pulp.


The full contour zirconia does not have the metal smell and it will quickly produce micro- oxide film with the contact with air, water or any other electrolytes. This film could not only help to avoid metal corrosion but also could better prevent metal odor generation. If your mouth has the inlaid metal porcelain crown dentures, it will affect the skull x-ray, CT and MRI examination. However, the non-metallic zirconium teeth do not generate this problem.

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