Tuesday, 21 April 2015

The value of wow gold in different game versions

March 31, 2015-America-During these years, playing WOW could not leave with the role of cheap wow gold. Throughout the major version of WOW, the value of their gold should not be the same and the wow gold is prone to occur the situation of inflation. By now, the famous challenge conqueror gold www.raiditem.com will take people look at the gold value of different versions of this game.

Earth Times

This could be regarded as the most valuable gold era and many people become rich rely on gold. You know, during the early period of time, one kilocalorie could only sell 100-200G which is more and more valuable than today. However, it is also very hard for people to earn those wow gold. There were only few amount of buy wow gold for each task and there were also many other way to earn gold such as killing monsters and digging materials.


During the era of TBC, the final value of one card risen to 4000 cheap wow gold and this value always floated between 2000 to 3000G during the early period of time. Even so, the wow gold was still more valuable and many people still relied on the G group to become rich. There wear numerous large and small G group. It was true that G group should be the best way to earn gold during that period of time.


Compared with TBC, the inflation in the wow version WLK is not serious. There is no large-scale devaluation but the G group still flood among this game and the market value of the card is still among 4000 to 5000G. As the most brilliant version of Warcraft, WLK era was indeed full of money and gold is also a good way to make more cheap wow gold. So, most of WOW players does not become so disappointed until the end of this version.

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