Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Tell you why the smart phone with high waterproofing performance is very few on today¡¯s market.

April 3, 2015-America-Insufficient electricity volume, water entering and screen breaking could be commonly three concerned problems for those smart phone users. It is indeed that the insufficient electricity volume and breaking screen should be the frequently appearing situation for those users but the water entering will let each user get the feeling desperate. By other others, people need to change new phone if their phone fall into water.

As we all know, most of those phone in today¡¯s market do not have the ability for waterproofing. However, there are also few manufacturers or seller sell the real waterproof tablet and the online seller is a good example. In fact, the phone's waterproof program has been very matured today but it not get widely application as there is very great cost for the waterproofing workmanship.

With the enhancement of processes and materials, most of those rugged pda will minimize the number of button and the gap on front and rear panels become smaller and smaller. So, the most sensitive parts on smart phone that will enter into water should be mainly concentrated in the USB port, headphone jack, earpiece, speaker and other locations.

To save cost, USB and headphone jack will be usually connected on the motherboard. If the water enters into from those places, it will cause into very seriously problems. In addition, the waterproof workmanship for handset and speaker should be adding a layer of waterproof breathable membrane.

In addition to these naked body openings, the phone's structure is also bound to take appropriate measures to achieve the effect of waterproof. The more extreme situation is that people could wear their phone with the silicone shell. However, this will sacrifice sophistication and beauty appearance. No matter what kinds of improvement for waterproofing or other functions, it will directly impact on the difficulty for production. That is the main reason why those smart phone manufacturers do not want to let their phone become so waterproofing. However, famous Waterproof Cell phone supplier help people eventually solve this problem as all of their phones have high performance for waterproofing.


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