Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Let you get preliminary knowledge about the recombinant antibody production

March 31, 2015-America-The final products of genetically engineered antibodies production which is also know as the Epigenetics mainly include the chimeric antibodies, humanized antibodies, fully human antibodies, single chain antibodies, bispecific antibodies and other related products. Now, this professional article from the professional recombinant antibody production service supplier www.chempartner.com will introduce with people those final antibodies one by one.

Chimeric antibody

Chimeric antibody should be the first successful genetically engineered antibody. It is composed of V region gene of mouse-original and C region of the human antibody gene because it reduces the murine components, thereby it already reduce the adverse effects caused by the murine antibody and help to improve the outcome.

Human antibody

This antibody uses the human antibody CDR to replacing the murine monoclonal antibody CDR and there is only small amount murine and that is why this antibody has been known as the humanized antibody.

Fully humanized antibody

By using gene knockout technique, the Ig gene from mouse has been totally knockout and then the human Ig genes instead it. Then, the final fully humanized antibody will be products by the application of the hybridoma technology.

Single-chain antibody

First, technician will link V region genes from Ig¡¯s H chain and L chain and then transfect to antibody molecules in E. coli to get this antibody. This kind of antibody has very high performance for penetration and it will easy access to local organizations and plays its role.

Bispecific antibody

This antibody is the perfectly combination of effector cells antibodies and antibodies of target cells and it belongs to bi-functional antibodies.

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