Wednesday, 22 April 2015

New anime costume for ¡°Wolverine¡± might been confirmed by official side

April 5, 2015-America-According to the report from foreign media, the new "Wolverine" shape and code geass cosplay which is acted by Hugh Jackman has been exposure recently. Compared to the previously versions¡¯ wolverine who wore the modern costume or no costumes, the wolverine will return the original image in the comic book image which is orange -based collision color coat, helmet and half concealed erected on both sides of the head.

Allegedly, this picture has been published on facebook by the "X -Men" series social media accounts but then it has been deleted. In this figure, Wolverine not only wears the original uniforms but also show his angry and irascible character personalities. Originally, the "Wolverine" movie has the scene that wolverine opens the box and takes his new costume but this scene has been finally cut from this film.

As previously report, the new wolverine movie in 2017 will be the last film of Hugh Jackman. Since 2000 he firstly acted as the wolverine image, he already bounded into this character for about 15 years. In order to maintain body muscle, he already suffered a lot. Now, he already in 47 -year-old and he also intended to retire.

The story of the "X -Men: Apocalypse" has been still set in the 1970s. At that time, wolverine just finishes the "reversal" of the future and his body has not yet been transformed by the alloy of Edelman. People will see this film and the new anime cosplay for wolverine as soon as possible.

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